Mount Arrowsmith Pipe Band Uniform

Cameron of Erracht tartanThe Tartan

The Mount Arrowsmith Pipe Band wears the tartan of Cameron of Erracht.



The Kilt

The Scottish kilt has a unique design with a distinctive tartan pattern.  The patterns are associated with individual clans and families that can be traced back over two hundred years.



The Sporran

Sporran is a Gaelic word meaning pouch or purse.  The sporran is generally made from leather with fur or silver trim.  The band wears a traditional “day” sporran of black leather.



MAPB capThe Glengarry

The head gear used by the band is the glengarry.  This is a wedge shaped cap with a trailing ribbon.  The glengarry was named after Glengarry Valley in Scotland.



The Sgian Dubh

Weapons are a traditional component of Scottish military dress.  The Sgian Dubh (Gaelic for “black dagger”) is a short knife worn inside the upper hose.  Many of the band members wear the traditional Sgian Dubh.